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Established 2014

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Professionally Qualified, Fully Licenced, and Insured Tree Surgery Services Across Bedfordshire And Hertfordshire

We help our customers with tree pruning, trimming, felling, maintenance, crown reduction and removal including stump grinding. We can also carry out emergency tree work for urgent situations like storm damage or hazardous tree conditions. We're more than happy to help diagnose and treat tree diseases, ensuring the health and longevity of your trees. Additionally, our maintanance services help guide on tree planting, landscaping, and preservation to enhance your outdoor spaces with expert advice.

Additionally, we provide green waste collection services.

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Hertfordshire based Tree surgery

Professional Tree Arborist Services

Why choose Us.

Why choose Us?

At The Eco Arborist, we pride ourselves in offering a highly professional and friendly service, going above and beyond with our level of customer care.

We offer tree felling and maintenance, crown reduction, aerial tree cutting, disease control, stump grinding and general tree care. Additionally, we provide green waste collection services.

The Eco Arborist team are fully qualified Tree Surgeons with City & Guilds NPTC Awards in: Maintenance and Cross Cutting, Felling of Trees up to 380mm, Felling of Large Trees over 380mm, Tree Climbing and Rescue as well as Aerial Cutting / Free-fall Techniques.

Our Working environment.

working environment

At The Eco Arborist we care for our environment and operate an environmentally friendly service wherever we can. We hold a green waste disposal licence and partner with Cumberlows to turn green waste in quality certified compost. We will ensure your property is left clear of all waste resulting from tree work and leaf litter. All waste will undergo ‘Green-cycling’ of leaves, branches and green matter into chippings or compost and the recycling of logs into firewood or timber. We encourage you to re-use any materials on site as compost, chipping or logs for firewood and will discuss this as part of our quote.. If you have any queries about the services we offer, we’d be happy to discuss them further with you.

Our Safty Standards.

Safty standards

We take our own safety and that of our customers and their property seriously.

All tree workers employed on site are fully trained and insured for the tasks they are undertaking. We are insured with a public liability insurance covering damage up to £5,000,000.

Our ropes, pulleys and harnesses used are registered on a Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Register and comply with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998.

All equipment is regularly inspected and independently checked every six months.

A full risk assessment will be performed for the day(s) working at your location.


What we do day in day out to help our customers

Tree Felling And Maintenance

Tree felling in Hertfordshire

Tree felling and maintenance are essential practices in arboriculture and forestry aimed at managing tree populations for various purposes, including safety, aesthetics, and ecosystem health.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction in Baldock

A pruning technique used to reduce the overall size and spread of a tree's canopy while maintaining its natural shape and structure. Used to reduce the risk of branch failure, controlling tree size, improving light penetration, and mitigating interference with structures or overhead wires.

Aerial Tree Cutting

Aerial tree cutting in Bedfordshire

We're experts in safely felling trees in challenging or inaccessible areas, such as steep slopes, dense forests, or urban environments where traditional ground-based methods may be impractical or unsafe.

Disease Control

Tree Disease Control in Welwyn Garden City

Tree disease control involves a range of strategies and practices aimed at preventing, managing, and mitigating the impact of diseases that affect trees. These diseases can be caused by various pathogens, including fungi, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding in Stevenage

A mechanical method used to remove tree stumps after a tree has been cut down. It involves the use of specialized equipment called a stump grinder, which grinds the stump and roots into small wood chips or mulch.

General Tree Care

General Tree Care in Letchworth

Encompasseing a range of practices aimed at promoting the health, vitality, and longevity of trees in both urban and natural environments. These practices typically include regular maintenance tasks, monitoring for signs of stress or disease, and implementing appropriate interventions as needed.

Garden Waste Collection

Garden waste collection in Hertfordshire

Garden waste collection services play a crucial role in promoting responsible waste management and environmental sustainability by diverting organic waste from landfills and supporting recycling initiatives.

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